Planters Canada


  • Activate seasonal in/out equity to capitalize on Q’2 Family Day & March Break sales window
  • Generate key channel awareness with out of category, off-shelf display activations
  • Enhance brand equity of Planters

Next Level Thinking

  • Planters and Disney are both family classics
  • Elephants love peanuts! Mr. Peanut – like all of us – loves Dumbo
  • License and cross-promote two iconic brands to drive trade sell-in and consumer sell-through for Planters, plus, consideration and box office for Disney!
  • Ignite, influence, inspire and, ultimately, convert consumers at the P.O.S, deploying an integrated campaign; promotionally, socially and experientially
  • Joint promotion to drive viewership and consumption through association during March Break


  • 100% sell-in to key channels and retail banners; grocery, mass and club!
  • Dumbo Canada outperformed Dumbo US, Planters identified as key driver!
  • Peanuts help Dumbo fly, Dumbo helped Planters fly – 100% off-shelf!


Taking it to the Next Level