Planters Canada


  • Socialize Mr. Peanut and Planters product portfolio
  • Induce consumption of Planters snacks & spreads;  more consumers, more snacking, on more occasions
  • Drive Planters new product awareness
  • Build Planters social audience for future marcom initiatives

Next Level Thinking

  • Ideate and manage a Planters Master Content Strategy and Calendar; daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally 
  • Deploy digital media buys to intercept and engage both healthy and indulgent snackers
  • Create Planters social platforms to ignite consumer following and virality
  • Identify complementary and strategic partnerships to amplify reach and inspire engagement i.e. Disney Dumbo & Planters Peanuts


  • #1 audience growth in snack food in Canada!
  • #2 engagement rating!
  • 19th largest snack food page in Canada!
  • Evolved Amazon to #2 customer for Planters – 24 months!


Taking it to the Next Level