Planters Canada


  • Engage tomorrow’s consumers today – University Students, living on their own for the first time!
  • Develop a memorable and integrated program [on campuses regionally – extended online nationally]
  • Generate key messaging to support Planters taste proposition in the crowded snack & spread segments

Next Level Thinking

  • Ideate & activate an omnichannel proprietary program – #WhatTeam [Salty or Sweet]
  • Create a competitive taste test eliciting consumer feedback for future messaging and amplification
  • Integrate traditional sampling with digital/social content to ignite trial and inspire data acquisition
  • Curate, create, intercept, and engage; influencers, buyers, and users – traditionally, digitally, and socially
  • Deploy a 7 Point Immersive Campaign; digital, social, experiential, branding, search & social advertising, new product sampling, promotional – all driving data capture and demand


  • Key insight confirmed – 3 of 4 consumers prefer the taste of Planters over Leading brand! 
  • Generated national awareness, extended budget, amplified regional program/content, nationally!
  • Ignited sell-through in both grocery & mass channels, engaging 200,000 + participants!


Taking it to the Next Level