Sardo Foods
CPG-Antipasti [B2B-B2C]


  • Increase awareness for olives and antipasti as functionally nutritious foods and versatile snacks
  • Increase usage occasions and national per capita consumption relative to similar countries 
  • Build brand awareness & equity for category-leading – Sardo Foods

Next Level Thinking

  • Engineer and design an immersive and integrated digital-social ecosystem to help shoppers navigate pre and post-shop 
  • Create a clear brand voice and Sardo social brand/content plan to align Sardo with quality, tradition and variety
  • Win the War BEFORE the Store – Hyper target 8 varied archetypes – engage prior to shopping
  • Create strategic & complementary partnerships to amplify the experience and mitigate marcom investment 
  • Identify and activate at non-traditional events to drive awareness, trial, and data capture


  • 400% increase in Social media audience in 1 year – Sardo ranked top 1% in websites nationally!
  • 10,000% increase in online consumer engagement – highest engagement in the industry!
  • Record sell-through at grocery for Sardo Foods!
  • New key account activation!


Taking it to the Next Level