Ogena Solutions
Animal Health & Wellness [B2B]


  • Intercept, engage & convert key economic buyers from 5 distinct channels; farms, veterinarians, pet boarding, grooming & shelter facilities
  • Optimize Ogena assets and customer journey 
  • Create and automate an Ogena turnkey digital marcom ecosystem
  • Curate, create & activate Ogena distinct dealer & channel segments

Next Level Thinking

  • Engineer, design, build, promote and amplify an integrated North American digital growth strategy
  • Create B2B archetype channels/profiles and segmented communication plans for dealers and end-users
  • Integrate communication platforms: digital, social, PR, & traditional [trade shows]
  • Create and manage a proprietary Master Social Content Plan [digital, social, video, web, traditional]


  • Forecasted as the highest growth channel for 2021-2022!
  • Digital solution, #1 source for lead-gen!
  • Cost mitigation via automation implementation!


Taking it to the Next Level