Planters Canada


  • Launch a new product “Planters Peanut Butter” in a mature & dominated category
  • Drive key account sell-in and consumer sell-through
  • Engage influencers, buyers and users of Peanut Butter
  • Create a unique point of difference and find white space for Planters at market entry 
  • Drive national trial and consideration for Planters Peanut Butter

Next Level Thinking

  • “It Just Makes Sense” that a Peanut and not a Bear should carry the Peanut Butter torch!
  • Create and present custom B2B RoadShow/Marcom Plans for the Grocery & Mass channels
  • Curate and create 12 distinct Planters archetype profiles
  • Develop, plan, buy and activate a Planters “It Just Makes Sense” omnichannel (video, social, OOH, PR and experiential), media and content launch campaign
  • Intercept and engage influencers, users and buyers, activating a key market, digitally-led V.E.C.T.O.M sampling program


  • 100% sell-in of Planters peanut butter to leading national accounts including; Loblaw’s, Metro, Sobeys, Wal-Mart & Costco!
  • Exceeded 1+ Million video views – outpacing all Planters videos to date!
  • 5-1 Media R.O.I!


Taking it to the Next Level